Ashbosh Trims the Beard for Charity


Wow! I haven’t posted in so long I just have to straight up apologise!

It’s been a crazy busy year and I really should post some stuff on here. So last Sunday me, my wife (Minimosh) and my Brother-In-Law ran the Great North Run for the North East Autism Society.

I did no training, this was a grave mistake on my part and I really suffered. Even as I type, I have multiple blisters, my body aches and I have no one to blame but myself.

However, that is a different story. Today I wanted to share my video where I cut off my beard after two years. I originally grew this as a joke with me and Minimosh. I said to her whilst in Florida in November 2014, that I would not shave until we again went on holiday. Well we are going on holiday soon so to raise extra funds I agreed to chop it off. I miss it already. I loved my beard.

I’d do anything to raise money for charity. So the beard came off. I hope you enjoy watching me realise what i’ve lost.

The Video: