It’s Been A While

I must apologise! I haven’t blogged since December last year! That is not good enough.

It’s been a crazy year that’s for sure.  Lots of ups and downs! Had a bad bout of depression but councelling really helped. Lost my Grandad a few months ago. He was my last living grandparent as I lost my Nana less than a year before. Had very bad times with my employer.

But on the flip side my wife took me to Amsterdam! That was a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to go and it was a beautiful city with lots to do! Also my kids are all doing really well! So still lots to be thankful for.

I have moved address away from my .net and back to where I always called home until 12 months ago when some scumbag bought my domain and tried to make money off me. But feck them we are back home!! Welcome you beautiful people to ASHBOSH.COM!