Artwork Episode 1

By my Daughter Madison (1 1/2 Years Old) Review A vibrant display of colours here, utilising wild strokes and showing her volatile personality. Yeah it needs work, but Hell, for an 18 month old I’ll let it slide. I’ll give her C- She made this using finger paint on iPad.

Going Down?

Well, to be honest I can’t say much about this… except I wish I had the testicular fortitude to do this. just watch it. [youtube=]

Vikings Versus Pirates

So for Christmas I got Fifa 12. Awesome, I thought. So me and my boy created our own teams. I chose Ashbosh Vikings and Travis chose Pirates. Both teams are awesome. For instance my attacking force is Drogba, Bale and Walcott. Travis is no slouch, he has Rooney, Nani, Giggs and most of the Man…

Our Latest Addition!

Yup, that’s correct. I recently sold my Mid-baja Rosy Boa, and also my female Kenyan Sand Boa. So that freed up some space. I have been looking into getting maybe a couple of House Snakes. I chose one from North East Reptile specialists Coast To Coast. Been going to the shop since I was only…


Wow, sorry for lack of updates everyone. It’s been a crazy start to the New Year! Hope you are all getting on well in 2012! I’ll be posting alot more from now on. Sorry!